Mission & Vision

This is what I do. And this is what I believe in.

Doing things that I love

I've worked full time as a senior designer for a big research company in London for many years. I left because I wanted to have a career on my own, choosing each day what I want to work on. And that's why I love what I do each and every single day.

Growth property

Progress moves us forward. That's why your company needs the best it can possibly have. Making each design work fully, is key to a successful business. And that's what I do.


Showing you new ways of reaching your full potential. My master specialisation as UX/UI designer has a background in marketing and industrial design – do I need to say more?


Yep, I work mainly from 9 to 6, almost never during weekends. After so many years of being my own boss, I've learned to say no. And this is important for your business too: I'm fast and reliable, and I never send out something if I'm tired.


My office is almost everywhere I get a connection. But it's mostly in my studio, near Turin, that I work the most. Skype, Appear, Google Hangouts – you name it – we can have a meeting whenever you want.


Constantly learning, reading and creating. This is the only way of growing and getting better at something you love. Why keep giving my clients the same old stuff if they can have more?

Design Studio specialized in UX/UI design, illustration, infographics, data visualisation and branding development.

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